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Cozy style living room with TV wall mount

TV Wall Mounting In Guildford: Expert Services By Acme Aerials

Are you seeking a seamless and secure solution for your home entertainment setup? Look no further than Acme Aerials, your trusted partner in Guildford, for professional TV wall mounting services. Our dedicated team ensures your television is expertly and securely mounted, employing the ideal bracket tailored to your needs. Whether it's a brick, stud wall, or blockwork, we've got you covered. Choose from fixed brackets for a sleek look or flexible brackets allowing custom angles. We only use the highest quality brackets, cables, and connectors, and our meticulous installation can conceal cables using trunking or discreetly chase them into the wall. Contact us today!

TV Experience With Acme Aerials

Comprehensive TV Wall Mounting Services in Guildford

Side view of big LCD TV mounted onto empty wall

Secure TV Mounting

Acme Aerials delivers professional TV wall mounting services in Guildford, prioritising a secure and stable installation. Our experts assess your wall type - whether brick, stud, or blockwork - ensuring a tailored approach that guarantees the safety and longevity of your TV setup.

Bracket Options

Choose from our range of brackets to achieve the desired aesthetic for your TV. Opt for fixed brackets for a sleek and modern appearance or flexible brackets that provide the flexibility to customise viewing angles according to your preference.

Quality Components

At Acme Aerials, we understand the importance of using high-quality components for your TV installation. From brackets to cables and connectors, we exclusively employ high-quality materials to ensure a reliable and durable setup, enhancing the longevity of your entertainment system.

Cable Management Solutions

Our meticulous approach to installation extends to cable management. Acme Aerials provides solutions to keep cables organised and hidden. Whether through trunking or discreetly chased into the wall, our methods maintain a clean and clutter-free appearance in your living space.

Professional Expertise

Trust in Acme Aerials' dedicated team to bring professional expertise to every aspect of your TV wall mounting. Our meticulous approach enhances safety and sophistication in your living space, ensuring that your home entertainment setup is expertly handled and visually appealing.

View of organised TV wall mounting

Transform Your Space With Acme Aerials' TV Wall Mounting In Guildford. Call 01483 615300 or 07577 767228 For Expert Service!

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